There are still Geisha in Japan~Mystery of Geisha~

There are still Geisha in Japan~Mystery of Geisha~

Geisha is a mystery even to Japanese people.

Most of the people don’t know who really Geisha is .

Memoirs of a Geisha

After the hit movie ” Memoirs of a Geisha ” in 2005, I bet you want to see them , right?

1.Where does Geisha live?

Where does Geisha live?

Kyoto is the most historical city and known as Geisha town in Japan.

They say there are about 100 Maiko who are apprentice Geisha and 200 Geiko who are matured Geisha in Kyoto.

These Maiko and Geiko are we call Geisha.

Under 20 are Maiko and when they turn 20 , they become Geiko.

If you go Gion , you might see Geisha if you are lucky .

2.They are professional entertainers.

Geisha is professional entertainers.

I think you wonder “Are they prostitute ?”

No, they are not.

Usually they go to special school as young as 15 , and learn Japanese culture,

Japanese traditional dance and music using like Koto (Japanese harp) ,

Japanese flower arrangements, and yet they entertain you with talk or listen to the guests.

So they are professional entertainers.

That’s why Geisha means Gei(entertainment) and sha(person). Geisha ?

meet Geisha

If you want to meet Geisha , Gion Hatanaka have a special package for

“Meeting a Geisha while enjoying authentic Kyoto cuisine ”

A couple Geisha will come to the room pour Sake to the guests , talk and show some dances.

Remember they don’t come cheap !


Even most of the Japanese people never meet Geisha in person .

These Young and beautiful Geisha are mystery.

I hope you can see Geisha with white full make up , Japanese traditional hairstyle and gorgeous kimonos .

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There are still Geisha in Japan~Mystery of Geisha~