Why perfume is not too popular in Japan?

why japanese people hate

If you were in Japan before , I’m sure you noticed most people don’t wear too much perfume.

They might change a little for young generation but still most men don’t wear colon even now.

1.They don’t stink

Japanese people don't stink

LOL! Yup they don’t stink that much.

Because what they eat like healthy Japanese Food.

So actually they don’t need strong perfume.

2.They are very sensitive to smell

sensitive to smell

Many times men and women don’t like strong smell from someone else.

They are very sensitive to smell , so if you are wearing strong perfume in restaurants, that is very rude in Japan.

3.They are very clean

They are very clean

They take shower or bath to keep clean everyday.

They are most cleanest people in the world.

4.They love smell from shampoo than perfume

Japanese people loves the smell from shampoo than perfume

They love the smell from shampoo.

If you get the whiffs of the shampoo when the wind is blowing through their hair,

That’s actually pretty sexy stuff to Japanese men .

5.They wear perfume occasionally

japaese sexy man

They will wear perfume or colon occasionally for hot dates or travel.

Sometimes they consider their smell when they are in crowded places like commuting in buses or train.

6.They have much light body sprays

japaese sexy man

They have lots of body sprays that give you light and soft smells.

Lots of women love to wear them than strong perfume.



When you are in public, please be careful not to wear strong perfume.

Many times they don’t like it and sometimes that is very rude for them.

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why japanese people hate