This is the polite way to eat Japanese food

This is the polite way to eat Japanese food

When you want to eat something in Japan and you don’t want to use chopsticks , it is not rude to ask a waitress to get a fork for you.

Actually , young generation in Japan are not good at using chopsticks nowadays.

1.When you are using chopsticks

When you are using chopsticks

If you picked up a piece of food and you want to give it to someone else,

Just put that food on the other person’s plate.

Never use your chopsticks to give the food directly to the other person’s chopsticks.

This is very rude and specially Bad Luck in Japan.

2.When you are eating noodles

When you are eating noodles

Making a loud noise and slurping is rude in US but in Japan when you eat Ramen , Soba or Udon noodles you can slurp !

Just use your chopsticks to get noodles into your mouth and enjoy slurping away!

But when Japanese people eat Pasta they use fork and spoon , they never slurp.

Anyway Japanese people use fork knife and spoon more often than you think.



Burping in US may be rude but in Japan burping is not a big deal.

Of course burping during the meal is not good manner in Japan too but you don’t need to worry about it too much.

4.Blow your nose

Blow your nose is rude in Japan

Blowing your nose is very rude in Japan.

Never use handkerchief , just use a tissue to blow your nose and throw it away.

If you use handkerchief to blow your nose and put that back in your pocket, Ewwwwww!


Blowing nose Handkerchief

When I saw an American person used Handkerchief to blow his nose, I couldn’t believe my eyes LOL

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This is the polite way to eat Japanese food