4 Basic Japanese manner tips that you should know!


First thing you should know that Japanese people are very shy.

They don’t show too much emotions and they don’t talk too loud.

But they are also very polite and kind people.

And they have a little different manners that I want to tell you about.

Are you ready?

1.Shoes Off!

shoes off 日本では靴をぬぐ

When you visit someone’s house , after you get in the front door , you have to take your shoes off.

They have a pair of slippers for you to wear in their house.

But when you get in Traditional Japanese Room(Tatami Room) , you have to take slippers off again.

2.at the Restroom


When you want to use restroom , they have slippers for just to use inside the restroom.

So you have to change the room slippers to the restroom slippers.

And when you are about to get out from restroom, don’t forget to change the restroom slippers to the room slippers. LOL

3.Bow and Bow


Of course when you meet someone first time, you bow.

And when you say good by to them , you bow again when you are leaving.


hugging japanese young

Hugging was not real popular among the Japanese.

But now with the younger generation, hugging has come to be much more popular.

when you hug them , you might see a surprised look on their face .

That doesn’t mean that they don’t like it ,they just need time to get use to your hugs.



They have changed a lot to americanized way of life.

But you should wear clean socks without holes in the toes when you are in Japan because you have to take shoes off a lot. (;

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