Things you should know while you are in Japan-Holidays

About Japan Holidays

Even we are westernized nowadays,we have very different culture that might be a surprised for you.

I want to explain about Holidays and how we celebrate Holidays in Japan this time as a native Japanese.

In restaurants,hotels everywhere you go,whatever you do,everything is much more expensive than usual during the holidays.

1.Obon(Summer Holidays)

Obon(Summer Holidays)

Around 8/13th-8/15th is the biggest Summer Holidays in Japan.

It’s a family gathering days.

We believe our family spirits will visit from heaven those days.

We celebrate by going to cemeteries,temples and pray for families passed away.

So Government Offices,Post Office and lots of businesses are closed around those days.


Christmas Japan

Even most of us are Buddhist in Japan,we celebrate Christmas big time!

Christmas lights,Christmas trees and Christmas gifts are everywhere.

And Christmas Cakes are big deal for Japanese people.

Bakeries and stores sell lots of different kind of Christmas Cakes and everyone eats Christmas Cakes Christmas Eve night.

But all businesses are not closed on Christmas Day.

They are all open as usual.

3.New Years Day

New Years Day Japan

This is the biggest Winter Holidays in Japan.

This also family gathering days.

On New Years Day as early as 12am we start going to temple and pray for our health and business success etc for the New Year.

Government Offices are closed on 12/28th-1/3rd.

And lots of business Offices are closed around 12/31st-1/3rd.

But New Years Day and following day are like Black Friday in Japan.
In Japan call the “Hatsu Uri(初売り)”

Biggest Sales time and busiest time for retail stores.

4.We love to celebrate American Holidays

Thanksgiving Japan

Since about 10years ago we start celebrate Halloween as costume parties for adults.

Maybe we will start celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Turkey someday.

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About Japan Holidays