Make the KABUKI debut to get deep insights of Japanese culture at KABUKIZA, Ginza【Tokyo walker】

銀座 歌舞伎

Have you ever heard KABUKI?

It’s one of the popular ancient tradition of Japan, and if you know it, you may be associate it with exclusive luxury or something hard to follow the contents.

So, it’s pretty hard to step into KABUKI I guess, but don’t worry, you can feel free to enjoy it from special seats on KABUKI theater, KABUKIZA!

To have a wonderful KABUKI experience, I’ll give you some tips as below!

Feel free to enjoy KABUKI

KABUKI is a Japanese traditional performance composed of plays, dance and music.

It has been blushed up within the over-400-year-old history reflecting favors of the audience in each time on it.

It tends to be thought as awkward to go to or difficult to comprehend because of it’s long history.

However in fact, despite having such prestigious aspect, it does’t have any formal rules and everybody are allowed feel freely appreciate it.

This time, I’ll introduce special unreserved seats called “Single Act Tickets” in which you can see just an act that you like of KABUKI plays.

Most of those seats cost about only 1.000 yen to 2.000 yen depending on a play.

So you can try KABUKI viewing as if you went seeing a movie. It’s easy to make your KABUKI debut!

How to appreciate KABUKI from special seat

How to appreciate KABUKI from special seat

Special unreserved seats give a great opportunity to those who are beginner but want to have an experience to see KABUKI.

A single play of KABUKI takes about from 30 minutes to 1 hour so you can drop in the theater and just look at play between your schedule as long as you can get the ticket.

Special seats are set on the 4th floor. You’ll be received numbered ticket at the box office and enter into the theater in order then get a seat you like.

1. Check the time tickets are released

Special seats begin to be sold from the time when the tickets are released on each play basis, so you should check “What play will be on the day”, “What time will the tickets of aimed play start to be sold ” in advance and go to the theater on the time they’re released.

But please note that tickets could be sold out at the time you arrive the theater even on time.

It could have a long line to get the ticket especially if it’s a popular play.

And be careful you could have to stand up while seeing a play even if you can get the ticket.

Entering into the theater is accorded to the order of numbered ticket so If you want to have a seat whilst a play, you’d better go in line earlier than the time they’re released.

You can check what kind of play’s special seat you can buy online below.

Click on the link written theater name and “Single Act Tickets” on it.

KABUKIZA special seats information is here

2. Let’s go to KABUKIZA!

It would be convenient to take Asakusa line and Hibiya line, until Higashi-ginza station to get to KABUKIZA.

Getting out from exit No.3 leads you directly to the basement of the theater!

Don’t forget that there’s souvenir shop on the basement square so it’s also good to check them until the scheduled time.

3. Check the information about the play while you’re in line

Box office of special seats are located on the left side of entrance on the 1st floor of the theater.

You may receive the guide of KABUKIZA, read it and get some information about play or theater itself.

Special seats tickets are allowed to be purchased one per a person and one per a play, though, KABUKI is separated to several parts.

So, it’d be nicer to buy all plays in one part, and it’s allowed.

In that case, you should be in line for the ticket of 1st play in the part you want to see.

It’d be more enjoyable to purchase tickets of all plays in one part for enjoying story through the part.

If you have any questions about plays or tickets, the stuff around there would willingly answer your!

4. Get the ticket from the box office

On having the time the tickets are released, the line begin to move. When you finally get to the box office, pay and get the ticket.

All tickets have curtain time and a reference number on it, go to the lobby on the 4th floor at least 20 minutes prior to curtain time.

You can go to the lobby not from the main entrance , but from the entrance of single act seats.

Go on to the 4th floor by elevator behind the box office.

When the time comes, they help you to get into the theater.

5. For more excitable understanding

KABUKI is of course performed in Japanese, so you must not understand what they say and what situation it is.

But listen, so do I even as a Japanese!

Because it has been used an old Japanese which are now that not well familiar to us, current Japanese people.

But it’s a time of technology.

Why don’t we rely on the audience guide!

Of course it’d be good experience just watch and listen to them in genuine Japanese though, with this trustworthy guide, you can appreciate the play deeply.

Note that the audience guide will be available for extra charge!

And also I recommend you to buy the program guide of the play so that you can get profound insights of it.

As well as those goods, you’d spend the KABUKI watching more comfortable with opera glass to see expressions of actors and yes, some drinks and snacks.

It’s allowed to have them during the brake time of plays.

Have the KABUKI experience onto the special seat

KABUKI is beautiful Japanese traditional performance, and I’d like you to appreciate it to have fresh experience while you’re in Japan.

It’s not so high threshold or exclusive to go and they welcome you guys with many fascinating plays.

You should try KABUKI viewing with special seats and bring the emotional memory back home!

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銀座 歌舞伎