6 things you should know to enjoy Tokyo Tower more【Tokyo walker】

“Tokyo Tower” has been known as a symbol of Tokyo and loved by people for long time.

You would’t miss to visit this must-go spot while you are in Tokyo though, are you planning to visit there to just look at it?

Tokyo Tower has a lot of attractions which entertain you inside as well as it’s appearance.

I’ll give you 6 tips to have all fun with Tokyo Tower!

1. What`s Tokyo Tower?

tokyo tower what where

Tokyo Tower is a symbolic tower of Tokyo, and has a 60 years-long history.

After recovering from The World War 2, Japan built new radio tower every time new television station came into being.

So many radio towers could spoil the scenery of Tokyo, also be inconvenient for viewer; so, for those reasons, they stood up and launched to unify the radio towers into single tower.

A year and half after they started to construction in 1958, Tokyo Tower has completed.

tokyo tower view

Tokyo Tower has still been playing a roll as a total radio tower of TV and FM radios though, it’s also popular as an observation tower.

The view of Tokyo city is just spectacle and now, about 35% of visitors come here from over sea.

“Tokyo Tower” is loved by people throughout the world.

2. Sunset time show you magic of the light

Tokyo city has different face between day and night.

It shows you a find view of fresh side in the day time, and brightly shining city lights of alluring side at night time.

But you know, the best time to go up to the deck I think, is the evening.

With sunset, you would see the gradation of red and blue in the sky and the lights of buildings start to light up little by little.

It gets your expectation high for night to come. Gradually changing the scene; the face is totally different from the day time.

You could spend the magical time here by going up before sunset.

Besides viewing magic of sunset, you can see Tokyo Tower beautifully lighten up around the time you get out of the tower.

“Land Mark Light” regularly lights up the tower with 180 lights and colors warm-orange based in the winter time, coolly-white based in the summer time.

3. New attraction has come out in the tower

“Top Deck” invites you into the world of near future.

This recently opened floor has a lot of mirror behind the viewing space.

surrounded by mirrors and LED above, you can see the world you’ve never seen.

To get there you have to make a reservation to participate in the “Top Deck Tour” and specify the time in advance.

After you’ve checked in at the “Top Deck Lane”, they take you to “Top Deck” , a special area which allows only participants of the tour to enter.

From Top Deck, at a height of 250 m from the grand, you can view Tokyo city wider than main deck (at a height of 150 m).

Viewing Tokyo bay toward East, Shinjuku toward West, Mt. Fuji toward South and The imperial palace toward North.

It entertains you showing 360° panoramic amazing view!

If you want to know more about Tokyo, you can operate the audio tour device which give you lot of funny information about anything of Tokyo.

4. Satisfied with beautiful design within the 600 steps-stairs

tokyo tower stairs up steps

Did you know that you can try to go up to the main deck on foot by the stair way?

Yes, as well as using elevator to climb, you can use out door stairs with 600 steps from the roof of Foot town in Tokyo Tower.

It’d be help you learn Tokyo tower to listen to the “Guide of Tokyo Tower”, an app “ON THE TRIP” serves, while going up the steps.

So download it and get information about the tower heading to main deck!

tokyo tower beatiful

It’s not only the color the attractiveness of Tokyo Tower. It`s also the beautifulness of its calculated design.

The whole appearance of design can be seen from outside though, from inside you’ll understand to see tons of steels intricately constructed that it must not be completed without a precise plan and calculation.

It’s a privilege to see this secret of the tower for those who go up by stairs of it.

Out door stairs is usually available 11:00-16:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Note that it would be closed, depend on weather.

5. Explore the Foot Town!

tokyo tower foot town one piece

After viewing the city from the deck, it’ll welcome you with so many attractions.

“Foot Town” located on the tower has a souvenir shop, aquarium, and theme park of Japanese animation, “ONE PIECE”, called “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER” on the 4th floor and the 5th floor.

It serves souvenir of ONE PIECE at the item shop, and even ONE PIECE-relating-menu at the restaurant on this large park!

On the 2nd floor of Foot Town, there’s a Showa retro area ”Tokyo Souvenir Town.”

It has a variety of old style Japanese goods from Japanese doll to Japanese sword as well as pretty Tokyo Tower related items.

You should check the area to choose great one.

6. Best spot for taking picture of Tokyo Tower

At last, I’ll introduce you to the places that’d be nice to take a picture of Tokyo Tower.

“Zojoji Temple” under the tower is a spot to be able to view fascinating cherry blossoms.

In the early spring, about 400 cherry blossoms bloom and attract visitors.

If you come here spring time, get the collaboration of cherry blossoms with Tokyo Tower into the photo!

Momiji-dani best spots tokyo tower take a photo

The hidden place to be good for taking a panoramic picture of the tower is “Momiji-dani.” It`s on the slop way in the Shiba Park 19th, South side of the tower.

Shiba Park tokyo tower

Shiba Park, in front of the Tokyo Tower is the ideal place showing us a lot of kind of flowers in season.

You can relax on the grasses and shot a picture of Tokyo Tower with yourself because it’s a far enough from the tower to take it with you!

It’s for sure great to view the appearance of the tower from out side!

But from inside of the tower, from the deck, you’d touch attractiveness of either Tokyo Tower and Tokyo City much more.

Keep in mind the tips above and make great use of your time in Tokyo with Tokyo Tower!

Information of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo, Minato, Shibakoen 4-2-8
5 minutes walk from Akabanebashi station Metropolitan Subway Oedoline
7 minutes walk from Kamiyacho station Tokyo Metro Hibiyaline
9:00-23:00 (Main Deck)

※It`s the information as of March, 2019. For updates, visit official website.

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