4 great-view-spots with free admission【Tokyo walker】

While you’re traveler in Tokyo, how saving budget would be important especially if you don’t have enough money to sightseeing so many spots.

And you may think the observation platforms in Tokyo are all costly luxuries.

But the answer is NO! You can view twinkle night, or fresh day scenes without admission fees from some places!

All those spots below are spots with great view, but you can enter into free of charge.

Feel free to enjoy the scenes for your memory of Tokyo!

These 4 spots within Tokyo please you with nice view and free admission

In the day time, viewing scenery changing, and in the Night time, brightly blink jewel-like city, Tokyo shows different scenes between day and night.

That’s why there’re so many observation towers in Tokyo.

And as I told you, some of them allow you to go up high and view wonderful landscape.

I picked up 4 spots you can freely drop in to catch sight of full view of the city after sightseeing or shopping.

The scene you’ll see there would comfort you from your tiredness.

1.Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories

The symbolic viewing spot in Tokyo is observation platform on “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories.”

This 202 m-high location lets you viewing panoramic “Tokyo-ish” scenes – Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, and Mt.

Fuji on the sunny day time – It’d be so nice to compare the landscape of day and night.

Reflecting upon this trip whilst viewing symbolic landscape in Tokyo would make your trip more emotive.

2. GINZA SIX Garden


Viewing spots are not just observation facilities, you know, but there is a roof garden in which you can view street of Ginza on “GINZA SIX”, largest commercial complex in Ginza area.

It’s also just fit for your break time after enjoying shopping here, even if you are with your children, since it has watering place and lot of greeneries.

When you come to GINZA SIX or city of Ginza, visit this roof garden and take a comfortable break!

3. Roof Garden “KITTE Garden”

Roof Garden “KITTE Garden

“KITTE” is another commercial facility located in the heart of Tokyo, Marunouchi area.

“KITTE” has many shops restaurants, and a roof garden on 6th floor.

From the lawn widely spread on the roof garden, you can view emotional landscape around Tokyo station while leisurely taking a rest.

Having great views taking a walk on the wood deck, it must be the best viewing spot in Marunouchi.

Good news, you can go up here even at night until 11 pm! (10 pm for Sundays and Holidays)

4. Bunko Civic Center observatory lounge

Bunko Civic Center observatory lounge

If you’d like to view particularly night scene in Tokyo, I recommend you this observatory lounge on the 25th floor of “Bunko Civic Center.”

It’s opened from 9 am to 8:30 pm without admission fee.

You can see Tokyo Sky Tree light up on the east side, and sparkling night view of Shinjuku on the west side.

It gets you in a romantic mood!

It won’t be so crowded that you can take your time and enjoy night scenes of Tokyo feeling easy.

You can even experience such gorgeous atmosphere without paying!

Free admission doesn’t mean being boredom

It might gets you surprised that there’re many spots let us have a luxury time with great landscapes for free in Tokyo, the capital.

They all are free of charge however be wonderful to visit for your more excitement.

Your travel would be more vivid with those panoramic sceneries changing as time goes by.

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