10 havens where you can touch nature and feel relax【Tokyo walker】

We sometimes, from time to time, have desire to be wrapped up by great nature and to feel relax there, especially if you live in the large cities like Tokyo.

You know, Tokyo has some nice spots to be able to feel power of nature.

I’ll introduce you 10 spots you can feel free to go for change from briskly walking around urban cities!

10 places of relaxation in Tokyo

Perhaps you think that there’s no place you can take a rest in Tokyo even though you’re looking for such haven.

But don’t give up, there’re parks and gardens that are rich in greeneries.

You might find another face of busy city!

1. Koishikawa Korakuen

First place I’ll introduce a place close to Tokyo Dome.

“Koishikawa Korakuen” is a circuit style garden, surrounding the pound mainly set on the center.

Some parts of it has been named in Chinese since it was established under the teaching of Chinese confucian scholar in early Edo period.

You can stroll this pleasantly quiet park even after enjoying baseball game or concerts in Tokyo Dome!

2. Higo-Hosokawa Garden

“Higo-Hosokawa Garden”, second place is also a circuit style garden.

You’d see this type of garden a lot in Japan, but they have some differences in design each other and the landscape which combines beautiful Japanese garden with nature is superb.

In add to that, so many interesting events take place here in the park that you could appreciate Japanese traditional performing!

Check the schedule beforehand for your exciting exploration!

3. Inokashira Park

“Inokashira Park” is conveniently located in 5 minutes from Kichijoji station, or in only a minute from Inokashira Park station, both on foot.

This park has an over-100-long-history.

There’s a pound, you can enjoy the boat, and also zoo.

In the park with full of greenery, you can spend your time as your pleases.

4. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

If you walking about 5 minutes from Shinjuku gyoen-mae station you’ll get to “Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden”, made as Imperial garden in Meiji era.

It has vast-spread greeneries that could let you forget you`re in the capital city.

It`s separated to some areas like a rose garden section and Japanese style garden section in the property.

Numbers of flowers and nature welcome you here!

5. Rikugien Garden

Rikugien Garden is one of two top gardens in Edo era, along with Koishikawa Korakuen.

It’s “Rokugien Garden” in which you can see emotional scenes of Japanese garden.

There is a generous pond and a bridge.

You can feel four seasons while elegantly having Japanese tea in the garden.

6. Showa Kinen Park

“Showa Kinen Park” has large property, about 40 times larger than Tokyo Dome so you could’t walk whole park in a day!

There`re always flowers in season and please you by changing the colors of park through four seasons.

It hold every type of events as well! Check the schedule and enjoy everything of this park.

7. Hama-Rikyu Gardens

The symbol of Daimyo’s garden in Edo era is “Hama-Rikyu Gardens”.

It`s interesting because the sea water has been used for pond. And it changes its face by ebb and flow of the tide.

There’s a one more pond in which ducks were once hunted.

Viewing Japanese style teahouse reflected in the pound, you’d get totally relaxed here.

8. Kiyosumi Garden

Here’s another circuit type garden, “Kiyosumi Garden”.

This design of garden is symbolic style of Meiji era.

Main spot you should see, is large pond with three little islets.

You can experience to view nicely changing landscapes as proceeding the rocky stretch on the pond.

With bird watching from short distance, all your frustrations would be flowed away!

9. Mejiro Garden

“Mejiro Garden” has been also made as a circuit garden.

You can do a lot of nature-explorations here – strolling around the pound, getting mist of powerful waterfall and seeing vividly colored trees – you can feel free to drop in the garden because it’s free of charge!

10. Takaosan Mountain

At last although it’s a little far from the heart of Tokyo, I’d like to introduce you “Takaosan Mountain.”

Takaosan is a well-known mountain climbing spot that also has various kind of diners and monkey mountain in it.

It’s not a steep way to climb, though, you don’t have to climb up on top of it.

You could feel happy only taking a walk on the half way breathing a natural air.

However if you go up onto the top of the mountain, you’ll see wonderful view within the great nature!


They’re just the Oasis of City you can escape from bustle of big cities!

They’ll let you breathe deeply and forget the things that gets you exhausted.

Make your way to those spots when you feel tired of traveling or get depressed.

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