Kastushika Shibamata, the town little out of capital city, still remains old style sceneries of downtown Tokyo【Tokyo walker】

If you like Japanese movies, you would have seen the scenes of this town on the screen.

Kastushika Shibamata is a sight seeing place where you can go in an hour from heart of Tokyo.

It has been associated with “Taishakuten Temple”, and also “Tora-san”, main character of Japanese movie series “Otoko wa tsuraiyo”, called “It`s tough being a man” in English. But they`re not enough to tell about this old downtown.

Behind Taishakuten, Yamamoto-tei Garden, shopping street and any other popular places, is full of attractiveness few people know.

So stroll around Shibamata and find another highlights of Tokyo!

Imagine what is Tora-san looking at

There is a bronze statue of “Tora-san” you can see after crossing the gate of Keisei Kanemachi Line Shibamata station.

Whether, like him, the statue is looking back his old home or had a broken heart.

Citizens here have loved this statue as if it were real Tora-san.

Katsushika Shibamata is a prestigious temple town which has been written in old scripture in 8th century.

“Kyoeizan Daikyoji Temple” has been respected in the town, people call the temple “Shibamata Taishakuten” or “Taishaku-sama” with love.

This area has many long-running stalls.

You can grab a bite local cheap food like a “Imagawayaki”, Japanese muffin containing cream or bean jam, and “Yakisoba” or chow mein, at the diner opening here over 50 years.

Stroll around Shibamata looking for souvenir

In general, a tourist route here in Shibamata is as follows.

Firstly, viewing around this temple town.

Secondly, head for Taishakuten to have a pray and walk around there.

Then stop by “Yamamoto-tei”, highly acclaimed Japanese garden.

After spending pleasant time at the garden, enter “Tora-san Museum” and “Yoji Yamamoto Museum” next to the garden.

Finally, walk along the approach to Taishakuten and get something nice at souvenir shop.

They have a heaps of kind of souvenir and foods but note that the special foods here are mugwort flavor rice dumpling, called “Kusa-dango” and rice cracker, “Senbei.”

Long time ago, around rear exits of stores, storemen gave a full bag of broken Senbei for only children at an extremely low price.

Residence here have seen such heart-warming scenes.

As the technique have advanced, Senbei are not often broken now, though.

Still now however, there`re Senbei stalls in which hand-grilled Senbei are sold.

They`re about 50-100 yen per each one.

They`re bit pricy, but you `ll understand why they`re so as soon as taste them!

Kyoeizan Daikyoji Niten-mon Gate, entrance of “Taishaku-sama”

In front from he approach, you can see Niten-mon Gate, enshrines “Zojo-ten” and ”Komoku-ten” , two gods.

It also be tied with Mt. Fuji that`s why Taishaku-sama has a sedentary statue of Kannon, which is said that originally sit on the top of Mt.Fuji.

There`re many people pray in front of the frontal big hall.

It`s not a main hall, but have a benefit for prayers.

You have to pay admission fee to enter “Suikeien ” and other gardens but every visitors are allowed to enter the hall free of charge.

The corridor which connects Garden with Taishakudo-hall with also main hall is beautifully brushed up and was once a place where the local children played out.

Even Tora-san played and slipped on the corridor in the movie of “Otoko wa tsuraiyo.”

Visiting Tora-san Museum and Yoji Yamada Museum invites you into the world of nostalgic Japanese movie

After praying and touring Taishaku-sama, visit “Yamamoto-tei Garden” and “Tora-san Museum”, along with ”Yoji Yamada Museum.”

Yamamoto-tei was a house of president who owned factory that assembled parts of camera, which is current Tora-san Museum.

In the house, there`re store house and air-raid shelter.

The entrance gate is blending styles Japanese and Western together.

It seems somehow let us have a break while viewing the garden.

Tora-san Museum entertains you with exhibitions relating the movie.

You must check “Tora-san” being on the ceiling of the entrance! And of course don’t miss “Yoji Yamada Museum” as well. They all are adjacent each other.

There`re other hidden places around Shibamata

Shibamata has more attractions in the area, and great restaurant serves river fish, local dish here.

You can have it at ”Kawajin”, Ryo-tei located near the river and was used the scene of wedding of Tora-san’s sister in the movie “Otoko wa tsuraiyo”.

You can also try delicious river fish in front of Taishakuten at “Kawachi-ya” , and at “Ebisu-ya”, old restaurant near the station.

Other than those places, it`s packed with attractions in Shibamata!

While you stroll around the area, you`d see the scenery you might have seen in the movie and encounter impressive scenes like a movie created by people and the old downtown.

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