Kappabashi Dougu Street where the Arts of “Fake” Food Samples and splendid tools hidden【Tokyo walker】

Any kind of “Genuines” of tools used by professional are collected at each stall lined along Kappabashi Dougu Street, near the symbol town of sight seeing Asakusa and Ueno, Tokyo.

The tools they sell are tablewares, cooking equipments and any other items relating kitchen including “fake” food samples. So, they are aimed for professional though, most of goods they handle are familiar to us.

For this reason we all understand value of those goods and you`ll be surprised by them with their ingenuity…

Let`s visit and encounter the amazing technique through unique tools at the stalls on this brisk and nostalgic shopping street!

Kappabashi Dougu Street has developed over the national crisis

Kappabashi Dougu Street is shopping street which have large selection of food-related tools.

About 170 stalls, lined on this approximately 800 meters-long street, offer different tools at each occasion to answer the needs.

This energetic and brisk street have a wide range of stalls specialized in different things from each other from tablewares, cooking tools to signboards, kitchen equipments, furnitures and fake food samples.

It`s a shopping street which dates back to Taisho period (1912-1926).

In the course of its development, it has gone through many national crisis such as Great Kanto Earthquake and The Second World War.

It`s originally a district in which second hand shop of tools are lined.

With recovering from the earthquake, food-related stalls have gotten together.

Then, with restoration of the war, extensive industry type have gathered leading the street to this characteristic specified shopping street as we can see now.

Even in the face of adversity, they have gotten over the tough period and developed in distinctive way.

Devote yourself in treasure hunting with your curiosity

They`ll surprise you by their wide-spread selection with high quality items.

On this street, you `ll also see a variety of stalls handling convenient and well-designed items with good deal tempting you to open your purse.

Among those are cookie cutters to put the logo of Facebook and sphinx-shaped as an example.

Weather you use it or not, they entertain you even just taking a look at them.

The picture above is a inside of pottery stall.

They would catch your heart with large selection of Japanese-stylish furnitures and wares.

It`s like a treasure hunting walking on Kappabashi.

They have some magic that gets us absorbed in digging treasures!

Get satisfied with highly-qualified items sold on Kappabashi

Kitten knives must be the one your eyes would be captivated by.

Large types of variously-shaped knives looks like beyond the range of just a tools but something arts.

They would appeal to your desire to purchase.

To tell the truth, it`s popular even among the chefs over sea because of not only its appearance but also its cutting quality.

And the other reason shopping on this street is just that we can be satisfied with items bought here as the stalls on Kappabashi are usually aimed for professionals.

They have a plenty of knowledge of what they handle and give you any tips about the items and introduce you to exact what you are looking for.

It`s also an advantage for you to be able to touch the items directly and check the usability before purchase them!

The world of “Fake” Food Samples, the Art works Japan boasts

Th culture of Fake food samples have developed in Japan-specific way.

They`re the gifts by the best endeavor of the craftsmen.

These stomach-appealing samples are for sale at 5 stalls which are specialized in them.

Each Fake Food Samples’s stall has each character.

Refer to follows.

In “Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya”, you`ll be able to experience to create the sample on its own with reservation beforehand.

“Maizuru” are so abundant in daily goods of sample that you can find souvenir from wide selection at both its main store and brunch.

Professionally created samples are on display at “Tokyo Biken” and “Sato Sample”

Since their selection differ from each other, I recommend you to check all these stalls and get wonder the world of Fake Food Samples!

Fake Food Samples now got a great popularity as a souvenir and toy among visitors.

They`re mostly a bit expensive, but it must get a big attention if you bring them for your friends!

Have a break with special drink in a stylish cafe

After shopping around Kappabashi, why don`t you have a coffee break.

As a shopping street in which genuines are collected, every cafe on the street is enthusiastically particular about their selection.

You could spend a blissful time at every cafe around here.

Kappabashi is a hidden place for sight seeing in Tokyo

Kappabashi entertains us with food-related items as well as nostalgic ambience of old downtown of Tokyo.

Unfortunately, since stalls on this full-of-attractive street is mainly aimed at professionals, few stalls open on Sundays and holidays.

But on Saturdays, most of them are opened and then weekdays, more are opened.

So avoid coming here on Sundays and holidays and have a fun for shopping on Kappabashi to your heart`s content!

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