Beautiful Japanese tradition, Amezaiku and Uchiwa-ame【Tokyo walker】

Amezaiku, Suger Sculpture Entertainment or traditional Japanese arts crafts of lollipop-making, has been in advance in Tokyo.

This beautifully shaped candy is sold on Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin, although main store of Ameshin is located Asakusa, you can buy limited item of Japanese-fun-like shaped candy called “Uchiwa-ame” at 2nd shop of Ameshin in Tokyo Soramachi.

This traditional, but advanced candy looks so cool and sweet! You can choose them as a souvenir from Japan for your family, friends, even yourself.

Here you can buy Tokyo Soramachi limited candy of Ameshin

If you want to have a closely look at them or take them as a souvenir or friend of your trip, you can go to “Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin” 2nd shop on Soramachi in Tokyo Sky Tree Town.

Ameshin is sited East Yard on the 4th floor, in front of the shop “Tokyo Banana Tree”.

Ameshin gets large popularity and always packed as soon as it opens. They have a variety of Amezaiku candies from animal shaped to Soramachi-limited edition.

Each candy sold here is handmade.

In addition, many visitors come here before or after viewing scenery of Tokyo from top of Sky Tree, meaning it could be sold out when you go there especially on holidays.

The patterns drew on candies are changed every 3 months. For when they sell what kind of pattern, you can refer to bellow.

September – November : Autumn pattern
December – February : Winter pattern
March – May : Spring pattern
June – August : Summer pattern

2019 Spring collection of Uchiwa-ame candies have come out

Uchiwa-ame has been sold since the 2nd shop of Ameshin on Soramachi opened in July 2015.

It`s so characteristic offering different patterns depend on season that it`s getting huge popularity.

Early March, 2019 Spring pattern has come out drawing colorful spring scenes on the candies.

These dreamy candies show you translunary spring flowers and seem to attract you into the another world.

You can take them with your journey since Uchiwa-ame are well-wrapt up. These Japanese style patterns would please everyone you give them with their amazing works.

In addition they’d keep their figure within from half year to a year because Uchiwa-ame are hermetically sealed.

Exactly like the real gold fish shaped candy surprise you

Ameshin is proud of its technique and creates gold-fish-shaped Amezaiku, elaborately crafted like a glassworks, as well as Uchiwa-ame.

Amezaiku is one of Japanese traditional cultures.

Just only scissors with his bare hands, the artist of Amezaiku beautifully create candies softened by heating to some 90 degrees as a crafts.

Today, only Shinri Tezuka, the artist of Amezaiku, is capable of creating complex shaped candy such as this gold fish.

The 2nd shop of Ameshin also has a attraction which shows performance of making Amezaiku.

If you`re lucky, you could witness the performance of Shinri Tezuka!

Something unique is on display at Ameshin

While you`re shopping at Ameshin, you`ll see 2 bottles of cola on display on the display board.

But are these real bottles? Look at them closely.

One of them is entirely made of candy.

Can you correct? It may be difficult question as it`s made so realistic.

You might not tell real bottle from the one made by candy!

Artistic Japanese style treats entertain people

It`s said that the original model of Amezaiku in Japan dates back to 8 8th century and people in Edo period have been familiar with it.

Nowadays however, Amezaiku has been modernized though, the spirits of artists are not changed still now.

The artists have been crafting the candy hoping bring you genuine Amezaiku.

Touch the world of Amezaiku and obtain it so that you can feel Japanese tradition closely.

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