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Public bath house “Mikoku-yu” sites on old downtown in Sumida-ku, the area of Ryogoku, Tokyo.

Since it`s a public bath, admission fee is so cheep even though it use spring source for the bath.

It means you can freely take a hot spring bath in capital city.

Designed like a bath house in Edo period and letting us view Tokyo Sky Tree from bath, this local-community-based bath have gained great popularity from visitors as well as local people.

Let`s jump into the hot spring on nostalgic, but newly-restored “Mikoku-yu.”

Hot spring based black colored sourse on public bath house

Still now, there`re many community-based public bathes in old downtowns in Tokyo. Some of them offer hot spring. It’s included “Mikoku-yu”

which gorgeously uses black colored spring source and attracts even people in the know about hot spring.

Here, you can heal your fatigue of travel with hot spring for only less than 500 yen.

It`s located out of the main street, the section where old residential and small factories are packed, between Sumida-River and Oyoko-River.

You might not realize there`s a public bath until you come close to it, because it`s a 5-story building well-melt into the scene around.

But once you get there you`ll see the Japanese style entrance of Mikoku-yu with navy curtain dyed with mark of hot spring!

Mikoku-yu has been running as a public bath house for a long time, and has restored, redesigned to be Edo-style bath house by architect Kentaro Imai, leading person of public bath architecture, in 2015.

In spite of cleanliness and newness, it gets you as if you were in the drama of Edo period.

The remains of old clock, scale, and garment box which has gone out of production, from itself before restored make you more feel like being in the old time Japan.

The shelf of bathroom and the box of shoes are another reasons you`d feel nostalgia.

It may puzzle you if you can`t read the numbers of shoe boxes as the numbers are written in the Kanji, or Chinese characters.

So, try and enjoy to solve this puzzle comparing to the shape of letters written on them.

Attractivenesses of Mikoku-yu

Since Mikoku-yu is on the small building, bathes are located on different floors for male and female.

You can take a bath on 4th or 5th floor, depend on your gender.

And floor is changed between male and female every one week.

You`ll see that it has the bath curtain indicating weather it for male or female even in front of the elevator going to the first floor.

Hot spring in Mikoku-yu is colored black, like coffee, it has a high-temperature bath set about 43-46 degrees and a middle-temperature bath set about 40, and then low-temperature bath set about 25 degrees, It`d be good for your health to take turns to have each bath.

Taking bathes for a short while also makes your skin be smooth because of this source that works on skin.

It get your body worm gradually, after that totally refreshed.

The 4th floor is designed like cave with calmly colored walls.

Plum and flowing water painted on the mosaic-tiled wall welcome you.

The best of the 4th floor is bath which is set about just same degrees our temperature are.

You`d be addicted to this bath in which you`d get unusual experience that not feeling taking a bath but somehow so pleasant.

You might sit into the bath for long, long time.

Mikoku-yu also has semi out door bath from where we can view Tokyo Sky Tree on both 4th and 5th floor.

You can see Sky Tree better from 5th floor than from 4th floor.

It looks something like a trick art Sky tree stands toward sky from the slit-shaped window.

If you come here at night, it looks more gorgeous with being light up!

The mural of Mt Fuji reflected In a lake decorates Mikoku-yu

Entering the 5th floor will excite you showing big picture of “Sakasa-Fuji”, the panoramic image of Mt Fuji reflected in a lake.

This amazing Japanese picture has painted by Kiyohito Maruyama, one of few paint artist specializing in works for public bath.

“Mt. Fuji reflects in Lake Kawaguchi, seen from the Misaka Pass in Kai Province” – one of the picture series of “Thirty-six Views of Mt.

Fuji” dipicted by Japanese Ukiyo-e artist Hokusai Katsushika – is the motif of this image.

In fact, Hokusai was from here in Sumida-ku.

The town have built “Sumida Hokusai museum” and made an appeal about the area with his works.

In this effort, each public bath house in Sumida-ku has each one of picture from “Thirty-six Views of Mt.

Fuji” as a motif. Unfortunately, we can`t see all of those pictures many of public bath houses are out of work, though.

Information of Mikoku-yu

I`ve only introduced enjoyable attractivenesses of Mikoku-yu above, but Mikoku-yu has another aspect, for welfare.

It also has a reserved bath called Welfare Family Bath designed help people easily assistance their family taking bath for extra fee.

Tokyo metropolitan bus number 10 or 02 takes you to “Ishihara 3 chome” (石原三丁目), the nearest bus stop to Mikoku-yu, about 2 minutes on foot.

You can get the bus from many sight seeing spots such as Sky Tree, Ameyoko, Ginza, Tokyo Dome as well as from Honjo-Azumabashi station, Toei Subway Asakusaline.


Tokyo, Sumida, Ishihara 3-30-8
12 minutes on foot from Honjo-Azumabashi station Toei Subway Asakusaline
Closed days:
Every Monday (If a Monday is a national holiday, then the next day.)

※It`s the information as of March, 2019. For updates, visit official website.

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mikoku 御谷湯 おすすめ recommend