Atractiveness around Sumida Park along Sumida-gawa River 【Tokyo walker】

Viewing Sakura, or cherry blossoms fully blooming both of stream banks in spring, seeing fire works and house-boat come and go in summer…

“Sumida Park” is important must-go spot to feel emotional scenes in Japan especially during spring and summer season.

This article lets you jump into this attractive park and some spots around the park.

Sumida Park light up during Sakura season

Every year from the end of March to the early April with Sakura fully bloom up, “Sakura Festival” takes place in the park.

It`s such a famous Sakura viewing spot where many people come to just view or have a Sakura-party. And they rush to come and take up their spaces from night to midnight time since the park allow to have a party here.

If you want to view Sakura quietly, it`d be better for you to go to the bank of Sumida-ku side in which less party are held because it`s a bit far from any public transportations.

At night, Sakura are certainly light up. Under the lamps lined with river, shining pink flowers are brightly shined getting your emotion surge up.

There`re some 600 Sakura trees on the bank of Daito-ku side, the direction of Asakusa, 350 Sakura trees on the Sumida-ku side, the direction of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Both sides include various types of Sakura like “Someiyoshino”, ”Oshima” and ”Shidare”.

Train slowly run above the park

Tobu railway Asakusa station is rare type of terminal station located on the 2nd floor of commercial building, and built along the Sumida Park.

As it has a sharp curve from the platform to just before the railroad bridge because the train has to run across over Sumida-gawa river soon after the train left from the station, it reduces the speed and runs over the river so slowly.

You can see the dignified trains leave or arrive slowly from Sumida Park!

We once saw such a scenery allover near terminal stations.

But now, this has become sort of rare scene since most of terminal stations have been moved into basement these days.

You can view the train running over the river together with Tokyo Sky Tree and Asahi Beer Headquarters Building on the direction of east from between south end of Daito-ku side of Sumida park and railway bridge of Tobu railway.

It`s especially gorgeous with the orange sun light behind the building while sunset.

Azuma-bashi Bridge across over the river ties old and new Tokyo

If you walk across “Azuma-bashi Bridge”, you can come and go both side of the banks on Sumida park.

“Azuma-bashi Bridge” is an arch bridge with symbolic red-colored appearance.

It leads you to the entrance of Tokyo Sky Tree passing through Kaminari Street, the street running through in front of Kaminari-mon Gate.

This bridge dates back to Edo period. (1603-1868) At that time, It was a toll way for people except Samurai.

It`s said that Azuma-bashi Bridge was named after Mukoujima Azuma Shrine as it played a roll of connecting town with the Shrine.

Azuma-bashi Bridge stands out as a red bridge even at night.

With being light up along other bridges, there`s something different from in the daytime.

Take a look at the bridge from Sumida-ku side on the park!

The collaboration of the bridge with townscape of Asakusa behind Azuma-bashi Bridge gets us feel nostalgic.

On the bridge, You can view both old town of Asakusa and new comer Tokyo Sky Tree.

Note that the lamps on the bridge themselves are also nostalgic, so why don`t you take a walk and check them?

Shrine on the Sumida Park blesses people

“Ushijima Shrine”, which dates back to long time ago in Heian period, 860, is located on Sumida park.

Even though it has a long time history, it was lately moved here in the early Showa period.

It was dedicated as a guardian god to Tokyo Sky Tree when it`s under the constitution that`s why you can view spectacular Tokyo Sky Tree over the east side of Torii-gate from the shrine.

“Ushi” from “Ushi-jima” means cattle, so it`s no wonder there is a statue of cattle with rare kind of torii on north side of shrine. The cattle would bless you if as you stroke him.

Unimaginably from current appearance, the area around Sumida park once was a kind of ranch where many cattle were put around.

Heading south out side of shrine lets you show sort of Japanese Garden belonged Sumida park.

You can spend pleasant pastime here viewing Tokyo Sky Tree and even birds on the pond within the garden from south side.

Breath its own atmosphere with strolling around Sumida Park

Strolling on Sumida park and around there won`t get you tired because of it`s attractions with deep history.

Although it`ll be more crowded during Sakura season, Sakura lined with Sumida river are so marvelous over the expectation.

And while you come to Sumida park, have a walk on the Azuma-bashi Bridge! Because it`s firmly tied with old town and new town in Tokyo as well as banks on the park.

There`re many other old downtown-like spots on this area so you try to take a walk more on your own feet and find your favorite one!

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