Do You Know Hanayashiki? Historic Amusement Park Still Working【Tokyo Walker】

Visiting Hanayashiki may give an eccentric experience for you.

“Asakusa Hanayasiki” is the oldest amusement park in Japan having lots of nostalgic amusements in itself.

With its own emotional tradition, you can touch the soul of Asakusa there.

So, this time let me show you “Hanayashiki”!

Hanayashiki Established As A Flower Garden

Hanayashiki is a symbolic amusement park in Tokyo and in 2015 was published in Michelin Green Guide Japan.

Surprisingly, it was originally established as a flower -mainly peony and wrought chrysanthemum -garden by gardener Rokusaburo Morita in Edo period,1853.

Then since 1872, some amusement equipments were installed.

Those days it also had so many other amusements such as breeding rare kinds of birds and fierce animals, performance of sparrows that people rushed to catch a glimpse of them, making this place immediately popular.

According to history, it has secretly welcomed Emperor Taisyo.

The Oldest Roller Coaster In Japan Running Through The Park

Do you want to have some thrilling attractions here? There sure are.

Since it was installed in 1953, “Roller Coaster” have become symbolic icon of Asakusa along with tower of satellite (now it`s called Bee Tower).

Running through the park for one and half minute with speed only 42 kilometers an hour, it seems like a energetic elderly man.

Yes, he`s old and cheerful. This 60 year-old attraction is the oldest roller coaster on active service in Japan at the moment.

So despite his slow speed, you can get thrill on his rattling shoulder,or seat.

It`s sort of unmissable thing in Tokyo.

Haunted Attraction Ghosts Really Live?

Hanayashiki has variety of mysterious attractions like “Thriller Car”, “Haunted House”, “House of Ghost” and “3-D Theater” as an example.

“Thriller Car” may scare little children although it has cute aspect which we can chuckle about.

For adults, another attraction thrilling you would be “Haunted House”, Japanese style haunted attraction themed one of handed-down ghost stories there about revengeful spirit of cherry blossoms.

To tell the truth, it really has some mysterious legends there.

After old version of “Haunted House” were installed in 1984, they have seen a lot of strange happenings or heard frightening sounds.

Few people know that there once has a hall shaped like an air-raid shelter.

Now it has moved from where there was though, you could happen to see authentic ghost in Hanayashiki.

Attractive Rare BBQ Spot In Tokyo

After having fun with attractions, it`s almost time to have dinner.

Do you feeling like eating plentifully? Don`t worry, you can find “Hanayashiki BBQ Garden” in the park.

They have a large selection from discounted course which come with admission ticket to the course in which all-you-can-drink after 5 pm.

What`s more, you`ll see thick meat and seafood in a large amount!

For both children and adults, BBQ in Hanayashiki would be a great memory.

Original Doll Cake Shaped Panda Car

If you come to Hanayashiki with your children, they must love it.

You can ride on “Panda Car”, which is literary a car shaping panda, and run though the park slowly.

It`s a cute figure and somehow nostalgic form attracts not only children but also adults.

You might be better to know that you can get some items and also foods shaped panda car.

“BAKEZONA”, one of stall on food court in Hanayashiki serves “Panda Car Soy Source Ramen”, and you can enjoy “Doll Cake Shaped Panda Car” served by “BAKE PALLET.”

They have various source of doll cakes such as plane, pastry cream and sweet bean jam containing whole beans.

And it also has a limited-time-only source, you can`t miss them once you come to Hanayashiki!

Hanayashiki Keeping Its “Attraction”

There`re too many attractions in itself to introduce about Hanayashiki.

In truth, you can experience NINJA, Japanese old secret service and SA-DO, have a Japanese tea dressed in Kimono here!

You must visit Hanayashiki and have wonderful experiences on your own!

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