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Sakura, Cherry blossom is symbol flower of Japan and attracts us with its little flowers colored pink during springtime.

We can of course see Sakura powerfully bloom up under the blue sky in the daytime, but how about at night?

I can assure you’d be fascinated by magnificent appearance of them under the lamps at night.

Ueno Park is one of the top three spots to view Sakura beautifully at night. It has been a popular spot for Sakura-party, cherry-blossoms viewing since Edo period.

I`ll introduce you some tips to have more fun with Sakura at night in Ueno Park.

Jump Into Sakura-Party In Ueno Park

Ueno Park is the first-established park in Japan in Meiji period, 1873.

Japanese people have loved this park as a spot to have a Sakura-party since old Edo period.

Today there’re approximately 50 types, a total of some 1.200 Sakura trees in the park.

The park hold “Ueno Sakura Festival” every year. During this festival, as many as 2 million visitors come to enjoy Sakura there.

In fact, the park is mainly known as one of top three spots to view Sakura light up at night.

Under the lamps hanged around the park, it`s amazing beyond description.

It must live on your mind as one of unforgettable memories… I definitely recommend you to be exposed by Sakura at night.

Sky In Sakura Street Covered With Sakura

Want to see Sakura getting together in a place?

“Sakura street” is a desirable street lined with Sakura trees for about 400 maters.

The density of Sakura here is so high that you`d see sky spectacuarly covered with Sakura.

It looks like stars falling down to our heads.

Not only just have a look at Sakura, you can also have a Sakura-Party here, there`re number of people having party with drink and even singing.

The park is full of life during this season.

Bonbori Lighting Up Sakura At Night

As well as Viewing Sakura, you must check “Bonbori”, Lamps lettered names of each donor.

Bonbori is hanged allover the park during the festival. You can see 1.200 Bonbori in the park.

The lights of Bonbori entertain visitors and make Sakura much more dreamy.

Collaboration with Kiyomizu Kannon-do hall

“Kiyomizu Kannon-do hall” is built in Edo period, 1631 and also known as one of the best spots for Sakura viewing at night.

The collaboration of this historic building with Sakura exactly deserves to be called best spot of Sakura viewing.

Ueno Park, Holy Place Of Sakura Viewing In Japan

Japanese people have been adored by Sakura since long ago then they created the style of Sakura viewing.

This style must be the Japanese traditional culture we must continue to keep.

Ueno Park is one of current central places for these Sakura viewing culture.

Locating urban city in Tokyo and Having large capacity, there’re always many people with smiles surrounded by Sakura both in the daytime and at night during Sakura blooming.

This park has sticked to traditions up until now and from now on as a holy place of Sakura viewing.

There are heaps of attractive stalls in the park for the duration of “Ueno Sakura Festival”!

Let`s Have A Sakura Viewing At Night In Ueno Park!

If you come to Tokyo in early spring, there is no reason you don’t make use of this great opportunity.

There’re mysterious Sakura under the Bonbori light waiting for you to visit in Ueno Park at night.

Sakura usually begins to bloom up from the end of March to early in April.

“Ueno Sakura Festival” will be reportedly held from 21 Mach to 7 April in 2019.

Please note that the date could be changed in some cases.

Bonbori will be light up after Sakura bloom enough until 8 pm.

Viewing Sakura, you’d feel Japanese nostalgia with their long-time tradition.

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