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Ameyoko is energetic shopping street which is proud of its large popularity and is originated black market during post war era.

In 2015, Ameyoko has been published in the Michelin Green Guide Japan as its own attractiveness, keeping traditions and following customer`s favor within internationalization.

When you come to Japan, It`s one of the things to do that exploring around such fascinating Ameyoko along with strolling in the Ueno Park!

Various Stalls On The Busy Shopping Street

Ameyoko is located along and under the railroad from JR Yamanote Line Okachimachi Station to Ueno station.

Having as many as about 400 stalls mainly on the centered districts called “Ameyoko-dori street”, ”Welcome mall under the railroad” in the Ameyoko street, This approximately 500 meter-long shopping street is always busy with many shoppers and international tourists.

Since there`re variety of “stalls” ,“dinners”, “amusements”, you can feel it`s own unique atmosphere there.

You`d see “Statue of a bustle” – a god dedicating business – in front of Ameyoko Center Building, which is the fork between “Ameyoko-dori street” and “Ueno naka-dori street”, welcoming you.

Ameyoko-dori street has various kind of stalls such as fresh fish, fruits, and any other foods, garments, decor, sports goods, groceries, medical goods, cosmetic items and many more…

It seems like there`s nothing you can`t find there.

And don`t forget that it could make your experience more excitable if you try beating the price.

Welcome Mall Under The Railroad Cherishes Specialty Stalls

It`s not only Ameyoko-dori street that holding varieties of small stalls.

Welcom mall under the railroad also has so many stalls specialized in like watches, pens, buckles, or jeans, jacket, shoes, cosmetic items as an example.

It`s no wonder it includes imported goods since it was only Ameyoko that sold merchandises came from over sea, used by American army, during post war era.

One of representatives of Welcome mall said this district cherishes traditional Ameyoko and originated items keeping it`s individual style as a district of specialty.

This distingished feature came along with history of Ameyoko makes It different from any other shopping streets. Each stall offers their own services and prices, that`s why we can enjoy all those stalls in various respects.

Let`s Grab A Bite! Ameyoko Gourmet

You might get starved after shopping around Ameyoko and feel like having some snacks.

Why don’t you have Ameyoko Gourmet? There sure are tons of stalls serving snacks you can grab.

It may be nice to have a seat on a stall`s bench out side.

As well as Japanese food, there`re many ethnic food like a Kebab there,Ameyoko is becoming internationalized, and this sort of ethnic atmosphere goes with Ameyoko very well making this street more attractive.

-Making Of Ameyoko- History And Origin Of The Name

In Edo period (1603~1867), Ameyoko was a town which had many tea stalls as it`s located near the pond “Shinobazuno-ike”, and there were small premises for SAMURAI, or warriors and houses for commoner.

After Meiji period (1868-1912), It was transformed into regidential section of downtown but burnet down by the Great Tokyo Air Riads.

Though “Black Marcket” was thriving under the confusion during post war era, it was amended in around 1946.

Today, Ameyoko has become “Old Downtown shopping Street” with atmosphere of these histories.

“Ameyoko” is short for “Ameya-Yokotyo”. “Ameya” means candy shop, and “Yokotyo” means side street in Japanese.

It indicates It has number of stalls which sold candies originally.

After the war, It was also called “America Yokotyo”as it sold items of American army in “Black Market.” You may notice that “Ameyoko” stands for “Ameyoko” as well.

Miraculous Virtue On Tokudaiji-Temple In Ameyoko

Is that all of Ameyoko-exploration?
Ameyoko has another attractive spot in which you could be blessed.
“Tokudaiji-Temple Marishi-ten” is sited in Ameyoko shopping street.

Maybe you`re not familiar with “Marishi-ten”, a god of shimmer, originated ancient Brahmanism of India. Many Japanese people believe it gives us miraculous benefits.

SAMURAI had a faith in it as a guardian god leading them win for battles.

It has also become worshipped as a god of business, or guardian god who protect money from thieves since Edo period.

Ensuring “Marishi-tenson-zo”, statue of Marishi-buddha, It has a nation-wide popularity being called one of the top three Marishi-ten in Japan.

Take A Walk Around The Park After Ameyoko-Exploration

Have you enjoyed shopping and having gourmet in Ameyoko?

If you get ready, Let`s take a walk around the Ueno Park near Ameyoko!

Uno Park has Museums, zoo, temples and pond called “Shinobazuno-Ike.”It`s also a popular spot to see SAKURA, cherry blossoms since Edo period.

If you go there at around the end of March or early in April, you cold see SAKURA beautifuly blooming with Edo atmosphere.

I hope you`d have a great time in Ameyoko and Ueno park!

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