Sensoji 5 Best Spots You Should Vist! 【Tokyo walker】

Sensoji” 5 Best Spots You Should Vist!  written by Miki Ando

Sensoji is a symbolic temple of Asakusa and famous tourist spot.

This 1400 year-old temple has “Kaminarimon” , “Hozomon” , “Gojuto” and so many other attractive parts that you may need some advise where you`d be nice to visit.

For your great experience in Asakusa, I`ll give you some tips you should check in advance.

“Hozomon” and “Gojuto”,Symbolic Tower Of Sensouji

Gojuto is as high as 53.5 meter-tall five story pagoda which stands out even far from temple.
(left in the photo)

You might see many couples come here on a date as It`s lit up until 11pm.

Just going down Nakamise shopping street, you`d see the gate called “Hozomon” in front of you.
(right in the photo)

“Hozo” means treasure house, so it sounds very auspicious.

In fact, it once received important cultural properties of sensoji.

You can`t also miss it that there is a large size of Waraji, Japanese traditional shoes behind Hozomon.

Large Lantern Donated From Panasonic

There are tons of people taking pictures behind Kaminarimon, symbolic Gate of Asakusa.

If you`d like to have a best snap with Kaminarimon, you should ask a rickshaw driver around there.

Rickshaw is a man-powered car running through Asakusa area.

Rickshaw drivers – Who usually are not only well-muscled but kind – have almost every knowledges about Asakusa.

You might be attracted by them and have a ride on Rickshaw!

Anyway, We were talking about Kaminarimon.

You would see the letter “松下電器” the lower part of the gate.

“松下電器” is a letter in Chinese characters of Matsushita Electric Company, current Panasonic.

When Kounosuke Matsusita, The founder of Matsushita Electric Company, had sick, he prayed on sensoji and afterword he`d recovered.

So he donated Large Lantern under the gate in return.

Stroking “Nadebotoke” Heals You

It`s a little known place since people tend to overlook it.

“Nadebotoke” is a buddhist sculpture, sitting calmly on the back left of the Hozomon.

It`s said that you`d get healed as stroking the part you want to heal of him.

“Rokkakudo”, Keeping Appearance Since Muromachi period

“Rokkakudo”, hexagonal hall is located on left back of the main hall which is the oldest building in sensoji established in the Muromachi period.

It has the well-typed hall with eleven stone steps 1.5 meters deep beneath the hall.

This magnificent atmosphere let you feeling like going back to the Muromachi period. You must visit “Rokkakudo” .

Feel Japanese ”Iki,” Viewing Sky Tree From Hozomon

You can see a fascinating tall tower called Sky Tree in front of Hozomon and over the gate.

I recommend that you take some pictures of Sky tree together with Hozomon.

You might not to take them well in the morning interfered by backlight, so take them afternoon.

Then you could get a favorite one there.


Being symbol and popular tourist spot of Asakusa , “Sensoji” gives benefits of making every wishes in the world.

I hope both your mind and body could be blessed by power of “Sensoji”.

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Sensoji” 5 Best Spots You Should Vist!  written by Miki Ando